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Sunday, July 17, 2011

Video Voyage on 18 July 2011, Langgeng Art Foundation, Yogyakarta

MON 18 JUL 1830 – 2030

Langgeng Art Foundation
Jalan Suryodiningratan 37, Yogyakarta, Indonesia

+Video Voyage
An informal artist’s presentation (Allison Holt, U.S.A.) , Akiq AW (MES56, Indonesia) and a screening featuring new and recent video work from The Philippines curated and introduced by Clarissa Chikiamco (Manila). Followed by Q&A session. In English.

Clarissa Chikiamco (Manila, Philippines) is currently curating projects and doing research on video art in the Philippines. She is working with several artists presenting new video work while simultaneously investigating Philippine video art histories. In a state of flux, she is going back and forth between practice and research, presence and reversals. She will be talking about her current focus on video which has provoked self-reflexive interrogations on the idea of postmedium and curatorial identity.

From 2009 to 2010, Allison Leigh Holt lived and worked in Central Java as a J. William Fulbright Fellow through the U.S. Department of State, where the focus of her independent research was traditional Javanese concepts of multidimensional reality: the tools that traditional culture has developed to navigate it and the logic that underlies it. Through her own experience and the combined lenses of cognitive science, philosophy, science fiction, and theoretical physics, she explored Javanese methods of comprehension that extend beyond the world’s temporal and spatial limits, and the ancient system within which they function. In an open dialog format, Holt will present her ongoing research-in-progress, consisting of video-sculpture and diagrams created in collaboration with members of House Of Natural Fiber, as well as video performances, and examples of video and media coalitions arising in the USA.

“On Photographic Time and Motion” by Akiq AW (MES56, Indonesia) examines the complexity of the processes that occur in photography and video works; and in what so called relevant boundaries between these mediums. The process here refers to when a reality captured by the observer (the artist) using the recorder until being presented before the audience. In particular, this work focuses on the logic of photography, in the tension between the moving and still images. In the past, to capture a movement, photographer created her/his works with a slow speed or multiple expose that produced images as if it’s moving; but in fact the movement with certain duration cannot be presented because of the medium’s limitations, which is being printed on paper. Benefiting from the invention of digital cameras and digital photo frames, the technological barriers have disappeared. Photography can now show a sequence of motion in certain duration.Another issue is the boundary between photography and video. In this work, the observer is always in a constant position / not moving (such as in photography), but the objects that were recorded show minor movements. This is photography work that is videographic, as well as a video work being photographic. All three series in “On Photographic Time and Motion” represent tradition in photography and painting: portraiture, landscape and still life.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

bedroomlab 2011 July 15 edition

BedroomLab functions as an informal art + tech + diybio platform, wherein open discussions, brainstorming sessions, lectures, network meetings, performances, hands-on workshops, demonstrations and public gatherings take place in people's living rooms, gardens, laboratories, and other intimate spaces.

When: 7:00PM | July 15 Friday
Where: Clay Cafe, Makati City, Manila, Philippines, Earth, Milky Way
How: Facebook Event Page: http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=169433956457930
For Whom: artists, engineers, scientists, filmmakers, musicians, hackers, professionals, academics, curators, cinephiles, and everyone in similar and opposing fields.

THIS FRIDAY (JULY 15 / 7:30PM) in BEDROOMLAB LECTURE SERIES, we have Samuel AndrĂ©, an artist trained in mathematics, physical and cognitive sciences. A specialist in modeling systems and artificial human knowledge by neuroscience, cognitive psychology, human computer interaction, computer science and philosophy of the mind. He will be talking about his work and will be performing a live improvisation set using multicast (see computer networking) with multi-layered field recordings creating an intense and emotional universe that you pass through as a waking dream; like cinema for the ear. He will also conduct a “sound walk” workshop focusing on field recording and sound ecology on JULY 16 (details at the end).

Talking about sound, Mark Laccay a specialist on “audio tape restoration and digital audio archiving for heritage preservation” will be talking about the project on archiving The Jose Maceda Tapes. One of the most influential pioneers in the field of Asian avant-garde music and ethnomusicology, “Jose Maceda is one of the the most original and under appreciated composers in contemporary music. Maceda has been creating remarkable compositions, often for large ensembles of the same instrument for fifty years.” -Tzadik

Curator Lisa Chikiamco will be giving an introduction to her ongoing 2011-2012 curatorial project, End Frame Video Art Project 3: Present, a series of solo exhibitions of Philippine-based artists presenting new video work. The next End Frame 3 exhibition, featuring Manny Montelibano, opens on 13 August at Gallery Nova.

Photo-journalist Jes Aznar will discuss his documentary photography projects that deal with the issues of the Hacienda Luisita uprising and the Maguindanao conflict.

Musician-philanthropist Taylor Chase will talk about his band South of Market’s current project to aid abandoned and orphaned Filipino children through music and performance -- as well as the band’s dream of bringing high-profile rock bands to the Philippines to perform in the ultimate benefit concert.

And earlier during the evening, we’ll have a special film program at 7.30PM. In cooperation with .MOV, filmmaker Khavn de la Cruz presents “CINEMALAYO” a screening/lecture/performance centered around the extraordinary film “IDOL: Bida/Kontrabida”. A film that Jonathan L. Beller (a professor of Critical and Visual Studies at The Pratt Institute) calls “a brilliant farce.” “A film so unusual, provocative and at times shattering... that perhaps a new aesthetic category might be required here: ‘stuplime’ (a term Sianne Ngai defined as “ a syncretism of boredom and astonishment, of what "dulls" with what "irritates" or agitates, of excessive excitation with extreme desensitization or fatigue.)” A film with 5 and a half endings, and constantly riddled by the protagonist’s “falling down and getting up again, countering tragic failure with an accumulation of comic fatigues precisely characterizes the unsteady movement of the films’ protagonist Bayani Makapili, whose name in English means ‘Hero Traitor’... embodies the contradictions of the nation, has a form of heroism thrust upon him purely through circumstance, and his inadequacy to the task is so absurd that he betrays the role at every narrative turn, pointing out, as it were the farcical aspects of the conceit of the national hero, to the extent that the film itself can not move forward except as an over the top farce.” (J.L. Beller: Our Poverty Will Be Our Greatest Export” : Philippine Realism and the Poverty of Farce)

The night will conclude with musical performances from Thailand’s Neuter Lover, our very own Turbo Goth, Kate Torralba, with live drawing projections by Dex Fernandez plus more surprises!



SAMUEL ANDRE, a French sound artist
A sound artist & video artist trained in Mathematics, Physical Sciences, and Cognitive sciences, his research on musical interfaces led him to develop a sound project under the name of ieva which composed a music similar to imaginary journeys or aural short stories. For the past 2 years ago he started to practice improvisation multicast using multi layered field recordings that create an intense and emotionally universe that you pass through as a waking dream, like a cinema for the ear. He also directed several experimental films: abstraction and sensitivity, playing on the body of the digital image (pixelization, compression... He developed his approach in films more figuratively combining diary and man's relationship to nature.
He has worked with various artists in collaborative improvisation: dancers, composers, videographers and instrumentalists.

KHAVN DE LA CRUZ, a filmmaker and musician
Khavn Dela Cruz (born 1973) is a Filipino poet, musician, and experimental filmmaker known for his no-budget films. He is considered as the father of Philippine digital filmmaking and has made more than twenty features and seventy short films that received acclaim internationally. He is the president of independent film company Filmless Films and the executive director of .MOV International Digital Film Festival.

Clarissa Chikiamco is a Manila-based independent art curator and writer. A magna cum laude graduate from Ateneo de Manila University, she took her master’s degree in Art Curatorship at the University of Melbourne through the merit-based Australian Endeavour Award. She received The Philippine Star’s Lifestyle Journalism Awards in arts and culture, was part of the Emerging Writers Program of Melbourne’s Gertrude Contemporary Art Spaces and was recently the researcher in residence at the Fukuoka Asian Art Museum.

MARK LACCAY, audio archivist
Mark Laccay is an award winning audio engineer who is the CEO of Sonic Logo Multimedia Inc. and a former managing partner of Sweetspot Studios. He has worked as a sound designer for various films and is currently the main audio consultant for the "Dr. Jose Maceda Collection Digitization" Project. He has worked as an educator -- teaching audio production classes at DLSU-CSB. He recently returned from the Austrian Academy of Sciences where he acquired a certificate of Audio Tape Restoration and Digital Audio Archiving.

JES AZNAR, a photo-journalist
Jes Aznar is a documentary photographer whose works have tackled humanitarian issues such as land reform, poverty, civil conflicts, and disasters, and topics such as the Hacienda Luisita uprising, human conditions in urban dwellings, the war against diseases in Cambodia, humanitarian issues and the war in Mindanao, and the human trafficking issue in the Philippines and other parts of the world -- which recently won him the National Media Award for his photo essay on the lives of trafficked Filipinas in Sabah, Malaysia. His works has been published on the pages of The New York Times, International Herald Tribune, Time Magazine, Newsweek, Wall Street Journal, Stern, The Washington Post, The Guardian, and Asia Geo magazine, among others.

TAYLOR CHASE, a musician and philanthropist
Taylor Herbert Chase is a musician and producer who is part of South of Market (SOMA), an alternative rock band originating from San Francisco, but composed of Filipino-Americans. The band is currently in the country to raise attention to the plight of the street children in the Philippines -- through music. This year, SOMA is launching its flagship project called THE MISSION POSSIBLE, a series of gigs for a cause benefiting Childsville, a child caring institution structured to educate orphans and offer them the hope of a better future. SOMA is also working on its future project -- a local benefit concert that will feature Grammy-awarded acts from the U.S.


NEUTER LOVER, a musician from Thailand
Neuter Lover is the name of a young female musician from Thailand who plays a blend of trip hop and guitar rock using a computer and an electric guitar. She released an EP of original music entitled 'I am Neuter Lover' in April 27, 2010, and this year, she launched her first music video ("Cry") on youtube. Her song, "Ha (Find)," which was nominated for AVIMA 2010 (Asia Pacific VOICE Independent Music Awards), won the 3rd prize as a "moody melancholic masterpiece."

KATE TORRALBA, a fashion designer and musician
Kate Torralba is a multi-talented designer, musician, concert producer, and occasional painter. Trained as a classical pianist, Kate gravitated to playing alternative and punk music in her teens, drawing inspiration from artists such as Kate Bush, Tori Amos, and Morrissey. She is currently producing and performing original songs written for an upcoming first album.

TURBO GOTH, musicians
Turbo Goth is a two-piece electronic rock band composed of Paolo Peralta (on guitars, drum beats, and electronic sampler) and tattoo artist/illustrator Sarah Gaugler (on lead vocals). They play semi-experimental electronic music with distorted bass synths backed by aggressive heavy beats, and punk-jazz noise guitars, stitched together by light icy vocals. Turbo Goth launched their debut album "Destroy Us All" in January of 2011, alongside their first single -- "Venus Flytrap."

Dex Fernandez, visual artist

Special thanks to:

Go Go Carabao + ICX Parties
R.A.M.P. Artist Circle
and Splintr.com


“LISTEN” Soundwalk and Audio Workshop by Samuel AndrĂ© OPEN CALL:


For the past several weeks since coming home in early May from the Asia Young Artist Festival, I've been spending a lot of time reflecting on my projects and my curatorial direction. Looking at it in the long-term, I still have great flexibility and definitely there is quite a range of things I want to look at and explore. The advantages of being a young and independent include that greater flexibility to be experimental (of course, it depends how you define experimental as well) vs. the expectation in being older to have already narrowed to a field of specialization. If some artists are known for focusing on certain themes in their work, some curators are known for that as well. Although just like some artists and maybe even more so, curators can be site or situation-specific, thinking of exhibitions or projects based on the opportunity or commission or a certain context that they wish to respond to.

Actually, much of these thoughts have led me to do a lot of self-contemplating on curatorial identity (vs. artistic identity). And this probably got thrown into greater relief when I joined a performance art workshop by Mella Jaarsma in Manila Contemporary the other month. I was a non-artist among artists... but thrilled though to respond and think of my own hypothetical artworks (since for the workshop I was hypothetically an artist like them). As a curator and writer, I found it interesting, inspiring and especially insightful.

Related to that, I think around this time of the year is the time I need to start making decisions for projects next year - at least for those which need exhibition space in a gallery or a museum. I understand slots are filling up fast so I need to act quickly and get some proposals in too.

In other news, I have been devoting a lot of my time in the past month and a half to Japanese language classes. I have no plans to move to Japan but took the lessons because I simply wanted to continue from having learned Japanese during my 6-week trip there earlier this year. In some strange way, I felt some kind of ease with learning and speaking it and thought it was worth furthering it rather than letting it go. But because of the schedule, the minimum number of students required and the timing, I wound up being in a very intensive class. The hours in and outside of class spent studying, doing homework and writing clocks in to a minimum of 10 hours a week. On average I'd say it's more like 12. We also have midterms and finals which we need to pass to get to the next level. So it's been incredibly intense but also incredibly rewarding. My teacher who reads the journals she has us keep says I write well. But of course, to put it in context, I still have an elementary vocabulary and what I'm writing in my diary are things I did during the day and plans I have for the next week or next month. It's really limited but hey, I do try with what I know!

Tomorrow at the latest edition of Bedroomlab on Friday, 15 July, I will be presenting briefly on the End Frame 3 project. The event starts at 7 pm in Cafe Clay in Makati. This notice comes a bit late but do come if you can. The next End Frame 3 show, Sorry for the Inconvenience, a solo exhibition of Manny Montelibano, opens on 13 August, Saturday, 7 pm, at Gallery Nova.
For more information on Bedroomlab, go to http://bdrmlab.blogspot.com/.

On Monday evening at 6.30 pm, I will be at the Langgeng Art Foundation, Yogyakarta, Indonesia to present some videos and a short talk on Philippine video art. This is under the Video Voyage program of Video Vortex. For more details, click http://networkcultures.org/wpmu/videovortex/7-yogyakarta-2/workshops.