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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Art & Australia Lyndal Jones exhibition review

I wrote a review of the Lyndal Jones exhibition at the Australian Centre for Contemporary Art (ACCA) for Art & Australia under Gertrude Contemporary Art Spaces' Emerging Writers Program where I was mentored by Lisa Byrne. It appeared in the publication's Summer 2008/2009 edition.

For this exhibition which had a lot of video, I remember spending hours in this exhibit with a number of repeat visits to see the videos in their full duration. Visitors would come and go and I would still be sitting there watching. Even if I suppose a reviewer has a particular responsibility, it makes me think that perhaps the experience we are presenting in our writing is markedly different from what other visitors may experience. It also makes me wonder about the expectations of artists in such exhibitions - do their expectations for 'ordinary' visitors differ from their expectations from art writers and curators? If they expect visitors to stay only for a couple of minutes to watch the works and this visitor is an art writer who writes about the work in a way other than the artists intended, would they argue it is because they didn't stay to watch longer or watch the whole thing? In large exhibitions such as biennales, I would think that video - despite its increasing popularity as medium - is the one that least receives proper attention due to the time demands. We are also so used to watching narrative that even just 10 minutes of non-narrative can be excruciatingly long.

Also on some random non-art related note, in this picture of that was made black and white, I seem to have aged like ten years! I barely recognize myself in all honesty! If you've met me in person, haha, you know what I mean.


Carren said...

That's an interesting question, about differing expectations. I'd like to think it would be nice if people spent a bit more time on the things they see in the galleries, but I know that only a few people really find the time to open themselves up to the work too. :)

Haha, pictures do lie. Your B&W seems to be evidence of that :)

Clarissa Chikiamco said...

hey Carren!

So nice to hear from you! We should have a forum about questions like that being art writers and all, haha! I think that would make a nice article :D OMG, I have yet to reply to your email and I have so much to tell you. Soon!!!

I know, that picture is such a freakin' liar! Grrrr at the guy who was fixing my hair and make-up- apparently he wanted me to look like a Korean telenovela star! My hair was actually much worse than that, I just brushed out what he did, haha. But the b&w version makes everything so much worse! People say I normally look like I'm in high school and I went from that to looking matrona, haha