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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

This blog has to be updated!

This blog badly needs updating! If people just pass by the blog, it looks like I abandoned it and writing entirely. No wonder I don't get that much emails anymore.

I have been writing less in the past year due to schoolwork but yes, I have still been writing from time to time but just delinquent in posting it here. If you factor in schoolwork then I can't remember when I have ever written this much : 20,000 words each semester at 5,000 words per subject so 40,000 words for 2008 and same amount for 2009. There have been countless sleepless nights, hair-pulling and head-pounding in the process but I do enjoy my studies and learning :) Unfortunately, I had to cut back on column and magazine writing but I do believe that my writing will be better after I get through the slough of thousands pages I have to read and thousands of words I have to write for school.

Ok, enough talk and more action - time to start posting!

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