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Thursday, January 10, 2008


Eep, I know I haven't posted anything in two months and I apologize for the delay! I had a wonderful trip to Australia and my cousin had a beautiful wedding there. I arrived back in Manila in November after a nearly 3-week trip there and the Philippine holiday madness was in full force! The Philippines is Christmas-crazy which makes for very fun holidays but very bad traffic... There were times when I'd spend four hours a day stuck in traffic o_O It's so difficult to get anything done during the holidays! It was still really fun though especially since my best friend who lives in the States came home! We were high school classmates and she left for the States after we graduated, eventually to become a Hollywood producer's assistant ;) She's a smartie, that one!

Anyway, I'm finally going to begin my studies for Master of Art Curatorship at the University of Melbourne this year! Classes start on 3 March and I'm scheduled to fly to Australia in mid-February. I've been really busy packing (or at least trying to pack) and I have some projects I'll be completing or working on till I leave.

These projects, which fall under Visual Pond activities, are
- curating masarapmatulog (that means "it's nice to sleep" in English. masarap = delicious; tulog = sleep). It's the solo video art exhibition of Andrei Salud opening on 24 January at the Cubicle Art Gallery (Stella Maris cor. C. Raymundo, Maybunga, Pasig). Show runs till 30 January.
- organizing a video art show curated by Jet Pascua, a Filipino artist based in Norway.
The show is called Garish Barish and is a collection of video artworks of different foreign artists based in Norway. You may view more at http://www.small-projects.org/frames/garish.htm. This show has a simultaneous run and venue with masarapmatulog. It will likely take the 1st floor of the gallery while masarap will take the 2nd floor.
- National Commission of Culture and the Arts Cinema Committee's offering for National Arts Month (which is February). Visual Pond was their first choice to act as a conduit for the project. We're basically the bankers and taking care of the money! It's a bit scary regarding the financial responsibility but it's about time that the organization makes a little money :)

Other projects include writing! I'll be continuing my writing from Australia as much as possible :) I actually think I'll be able to concentrate writing more from there!

Oh and very good news! I got a scholarship for my masters studies! I'm one of the international students granted the Endeavour Postgraduate Award and it covers nearly all of the expenses! I'm very grateful to the Australian Government Department of Education, Science and Training for the scholarship. The expenses to study abroad are really staggering and the scholarship is a lifesaver!

Oh, here's a link to the Endeavour program for Asian applicants if anyone's interested :)


Well, that's it for now! I'm a bit tired and I have an interview to do tomorrow plus an exhibit opening then a meeting. I hope to post some articles soon! Bear with me please :)

And a very happy new year to you all!!! :D


Daniel said...

Art curator? And in Melbourne? Good luck.

Clarissa Chikiamco said...

LOL, thanks :)