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Monday, October 22, 2007


The title of this post could also be "OR the reason I've been so busy and haven't updated this blog in a while!"

End Frame is the Philippine video art festival I started with my art management friends Rica Estrada and Tenten Mina last year with initial help by Cheska Tanada (who is currently working abroad till 2009). Together we make up Visual Pond, a non-profit organization committed to the visual arts :) We do work for our org in addition to our other work commitments (including full-time work) so it can get pretty crazy.

Anyway, last 12-16 October 2007, End Frame II took place at The Fifth, Shangri-La Plaza, EDSA cor. Shaw Boulevard, Mandaluyong, Metro Manila. (Shangri-La Plaza is a major shopping mall here in Metro Manila, easily accessibly by the MRT line) The festival was presented by Visual Pond, National Commission of Culture and the Arts, Listening in Style, Shangri-La Plaza, and Rodriguez de Alba Foundation for Creative Advocacy in partnership with The One Minutes, Pablo and Metro Home magazine with the support of the Ateneo Art Gallery :D

I should be writing more about it soon but for now please check out Visual Pond's multiply at http://visualpond.multiply.com to look at the pictures of opening night (good crowd!). Also uploaded in our multiply are PODCASTS - audio recordings of two talks that occurred during the festival. One is a talk on copyright issues of video art by Atty. Louie Calvario of Intellectual Property Office - Philippines and the other is an open forum on video art with resource speakers Teddy Co (Philippine video art historian and Member, Cinema Committee, National Commission of Culture and the Arts), Tad Ermitano (video artist who was part of both End Frame festivals) and Jun Sabayton (filmmaker, visual artist and independent curator who curated the all video art show Jumpcut 2 in Green Papaya in October 2006). The picture on the left shows Jun, Tad and Teddy during the talk.

The open forum, which revolved mainly on a question of the definition of video art, will particularly give foreign artists/writers/curators an insight to what is the state of the video art scene here. It is I think the first formal discussion on video art held in Manila.

You may also check out Tad Ermitano's blog at http://cavemanifesto.blogspot.com as he blogged about the forum. His work is the one you can seen on the left at the first photo above.

For those who really want to see more about the art scene here in Manila but are unable to come over, I suggest you create an account in multiply and start networking with many of us scenesters in the Manila visual arts scene. We often take pictures of the exhibitions we go to (praise the digital revolution!) and upload these on our multiply accounts. It's a great way to keep updated too since people often post announcements of their shows or friends' shows in their multiply's. And if some of us were unable to go to an exhibit, well, usually one who did get to go has uploaded pictures so we can check out the show at least through the documentation.

My multiply is http://lisachiki.multiply.com. I also upload non-art stuff there so don't be surprised :)

Now I'm leaving everyone with a pic of Visual Pond! :) Rica, Tenten and me in that order. Thanks to my mom who took the picture, haha! Good night and hope to post again soon :)

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