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Thursday, October 4, 2007

Between Intersections

This is a rather belated post because I only realized recently that I haven't posted the text I wrote for the brochure-catalogue of the exhibition, Between Intersections, which Poklong Anading (2006 Ateneo Art Awards Winner & Recipient, 2006 Ateneo Art Gallery Sydney Studio Residency Grant) held last April 2007 at the Ateneo Art Gallery. I particularly like this piece of writing of mine so thought I'd include it here :)
*The picture above shows two walls/projections of the exhibit but there were projections as well on the two other surrounding walls not seen in the picture.


Lara said...

Hi Clarissa -- I'm an American art historian who'll be visiting family in the Philippines from late December to early January. I'm hoping to visit a few galleries and alternative spaces while I'm in Manila, but I don't know anything about the art scene there. Would you be willing to give me a few recommendations? (I hope you don't mind my getting in touch; I found your blog through a Google search for Future Prospects and thought you seemed very knowledgeable.) Thanks!

Clarissa Chikiamco said...

Hello Lara!

Sure, I'd love to give you recommendations! Could you give me your email or send a message to letterstolisa@gmail.com? I'll email you back a list and keep you updated on art shows happening during the time you're visiting. It's best for you to go during exhibition openings so you get to meet the art community here as well :)