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Wednesday, July 18, 2007

New Guard

Preview June 2007 Artscene: I love, love, love Leeroy New! I think he's different and injects some real vigor in the art scene here! I'm very, very excited to see where he will be headed in the next few years. It's great to find fresh talent.

To see more of Leeroy's works, visit his multiply at strycatcher.multiply.com. He also has some works up in a group show, "A Massive Disoriented Order," which opened on 6 July 2007 at Art Informal on Connecticut Street, Greenhills.

The sidebar of Artscene features Alab and silverlens, both visit-worthy places! Alab is the art space of Intellectual Property Philippines and silverlens is one of the rare galleries focusing on contemporary Philippine photography (see "The Plight of Photography as Art" post). I also have two wonderful friends working on those spaces and it's great to be working with them!

Silverlens is opening a new show on 18 July 2007. The artist is Christina Dy, my former teacher. I learned so much from her and she jumpstarted my writing career :) Please go to her exhibit (and get a haircut from her as well!).

The July 2007 Preview is out in stands. Aside from seeing Power Plant Mall's fab Malou Pineda in the best dressed list (who is a big supporter of the Ateneo Art Awards!), you'll also get to see Jason Moss featured in the Artscene.

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