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Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Down and Up the Rabbit Hole...

It's been more than a month since my last post. Yes, I've disappeared down the rabbit hole for over a month not only in terms of updating my blog but seeing friends and exhibits as well! Work at the museum has been hectic and unfortunately I don't have the time to go to as many exhibitions or do as much writing as I'd like to.

Well, I've resurfaced to post the March 2007 issue of Preview Magazine on Geraldine Javier (a cover story!), the May 2007 issue of Preview on Ovvian Castrillo and the cover of the Larasati catalogue out last April (I wrote a number of write-ups there including a two-page piece on Philippine art).

I'm glad to know that people read my blog so I'll try to maintain it as best as I can!

Please come to the exhibition Trauma, Interrupted, which opens on 14 June 2007, Thursday at the Cultural Center of the Philippines. It features works by local and foreign artists which explores the links between trauma, art and healing. A talk begins on 14 June at 2 pm to be followed by the opening and performances at 5 pm. More information is available at www.trauma-interrupted.org.

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